I eat my CUM, on food!


Quick self-facial from a super cute uncut lad. 

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Rock Bands - CUM based names?

So I’ve been thinking about it, and want input. Rock Bands and their names…how many are (or could be) CUM based? My first thoughts go to White Stripes and Pearl Jam…both could be synonyms for CUM. What groups can you think of that fit?

When and how did you come to realize that you enjoyed eating your cum on food? from sniffmyjockstrap

Pretty recently, I think. Over the last 5 years perhaps. I was always attracted to images/videos of other guys doing it, and when I stumbled into Tumblr (ha!) I looked for something that had unusual content…and it hit me, this would be perfect!  The hardest thing about it is finding content…I made a lot of my own, but haven’t had time to do that in waaaay too long now.