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I have a huge load that I haven't shot in a week. I've been edging it every day but I haven't let myself shoot. I plan to save it up for another week before finally dumping this cum load. What should I do with all the cum? What would you like to see? I'm thinking of edging for a few hours before finally shooting into my mouth as I flip my legs over my head, slurping up the heavy cream that I let out. My balls feel so heavy and are aching to nut so I'm sure this load will be big and I'm excited. from Anonymous

Oh my, you definitely have a huge cum load in your future, buddy! Lucky guy! I’d love to see exactly what you describe…if you video your session as you cum all over your face, and slurp up every drop of that heavy load, and post that vid, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of us jacking off to you and shooting our loads as well!

Cheers and keep stroking, squirting, and slurping!