I eat my CUM, on food!

Is there anyone I can talk to, I have never sucked a cock before and lately that is all I have been thinking about. That and taking massive cumloads in my mouth, I don't know why but cum just make me hard as fuck! Is this weird since I never sucked any dick or taking any cum besides my own before? from thirsty3001

Hi there!

There are lots of people you can talk to. Your close friends or family who are accepting. There are probably formal agencies, volunteer or otherwise, who you could talk to. And, of course, coming to me (or anyone else on the Internet) and asking.

The process of understanding your own sexuality is a complex one, and not one prone to any generalities. Everyone is unique, and therefore comes to realize who they are at their own pace and through their own process. There is no right or wrong…whatever works for you to get through the process is what works for you, that’s all there is to it.

If you have never experienced what you think about, then that’s called fantasy. We all fantasize, in our minds, about things that turn us on. As long as it’s in your own mind, there is no danger or risk whatsoever. But, the moment you act out on any fantasy that involves anyone other than yourself (or, if alone, implements that can injure you), then you start to increase the risk level. So consider carefully how you proceed from fantasy to reality.

So, there’s nothing “weird” about what you describe…indeed, I’d consider it to be completely normal and natural. All part of your process of understanding your sexuality and becoming comfortable with yourself…from there comes confidence, from which comes success. It’s all interlinked!

Oh, and also…your fantasy, even if you act out on it, does not necessarily make you a homosexual. There are plenty of guys who enjoy their own cum, and the cum of their buddies, but are otherwise straight or bi-sexual. Homosexuality is much more than the gender of who you have sex with…it’s a state of mind and emotion, not a state of sex. And the process you are going through is the process to understand your personal state of mind and emotion.

Good luck, and feel free to reach out to me again if you want to talk more.


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