I eat my CUM, on food!



1194E Nice bb fuck with oral load delivery into a very willing mouth. Added 7/18/14


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Hey, great blog! You used to have a really hot clip of a really cute, red haired dude getting fucked by a slightly chubbier top. The red head cums on his chest and the top picks up the cum and feeds it to the red head. Then the top nuts and feeds his cum straight from the condom. I don't know if you remember this video or if you even have it saved somewhere, but it was hot. Unfortunately, Tumblr seems to delete videos pretty often. from rhp89

Sorry, with the amount of things I reblog, I can’t recall that specific one. My original content and what I find elsewhere and post here, I typically remember all of those, but things I just reblog I might forget (I use the “Like” function to help me remember what I’ve already reblogged).


I'm so glad I found your blog. I used to be really curious about tasting my cum but I would always get grossed out. Now I've come to love the taste of my own loads and I try to eat them every time so I will get used to it even more. Do you have any suggestions on taking cum eating further? Like multiple loads or something like that? from Anonymous

Oh, I’ve got all kind of tips…here:

For multiple loads, the best way I’ve found is freezing them…an ice cube tray, fill one section with new cum every time you jack off, and make a cum cube. Suck on it while you jack off…it’ll be fantastic!

Cheers and keep stroking, squirting, and slurping!